Zocialized Is Now KrackGamers!

If you have a Zocialized or MyInkedSpace account and have logged in within the last 2 years, your profile should be on KrackGamers. If not, you'll need to make a new one.

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Join your Zocialized friends on KrackGamers, a new community for gamers (but open to everyone) with weekly Steam key giveaways, live gameplay, chat rooms, updated list of games that are on sale right now and gamers to meet. Not to mention an easier to use site.

When Did This Happen?

This change took place July 25th, 2015.

Why The Change?

Zocialized started out as MyInkedSpace, a social network for tattoo enthusiasts. Over time the site evolved into more of a general social network and it became difficult to get new members to join, so the name changed. The problem is Zocialized wasn't very easy to explain why someone would want to join it... what it was about. This made it difficult to get new members. The site needed a purpose again.. and now it has one.

Why Not Run Both Sites?

Running a social network is time consuming and having more than one has proven to be problematic for members. There's a group who's been here since practically the beginning and this is the better solution to keep activity going and keeping everyone together. It's also less expensive to run just one site instead of two.

Why About Android/Windows Phone Apps?

None of the existing ones will work. There will be a new Android app and most likely a new Windows Phone app in the near future. Until then, just use your phones Web browser.

But I Don't Care About Games?

It's not a requirement that you have to love games, but as more game features are added, more gamers will be joining. Your friends from Zocialized and MyInkedSpace are here.